Jenet Jacob Erickson
Jenet Jacob Erickson teaches in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University.

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In our pluralistic society, religious freedom is not just one policy among many; it is the foundation of the liberties we enjoy as Americans. It is our first freedom.
We need children because we need to be changed. We need what nurturing them teaches us, what it reveals to us about ourselves and the change that it invites in us.
Our personal experiences have convinced us children need, as much as possible, a father and a mother. There are differences between being raised by a father and a mother or by two fathers or two mothers, and we...
As society’s “bedrock” institution, marriage unites children to their fathers and mothers, making marriage, across culture and time, universally a gendered institution.
As Utah prepares to appeal the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision invalidating Utah’s Amendment 3, there are important aspects of Wednesday’s ruling worth considering before the case...
Dads truly matter. As fathers commit their lives to their children, they build something in their children no other can do in the same way. And it makes all the difference.
As same-sex marriages become more prevalent, so do conflicts with religious liberty.
In a hundred thousand small acts of care she literally forms the core of a child’s sense of worth. In spite of the popular belief that power is wielded through a “public voice,” it is the priv...
With more understanding about the diverse lives of same-sex attracted men and women, our society can learn how to recognize the equal dignity of gays and lesbians without redefining marriage to eliminate mother...
Despite our differences, there is much that can unite us.