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Their exploitation is viewed by millions of Web users. Communities unite against them. Their abuse, even their deaths, are often undocumented.
The Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge, back for its third year, is a way coaches can make a difference in their communities and use their notoriety to help those in need.
New York City restaurant workers sing and dance to the tune of "Money" in a new video aimed at increasing the minimum wage and bringing attention to this sector of the workforce.
The Utah-based Ouelessebougou Alliance, which is dedicated to improving conditions in this remote region of Mali, recently partnered with LDS missionaries to prepare health and education kits for the villagers ...
There is a direct link between domestic violence and homelessness for many people, experts and studies say, and the domestic violence shelters designed to help these victims are feeling the pressure as their fu...
By talking with their loved ones beforehand and understanding all the implications of donation, family members can have an easier time with the donation process that saves lives every day.
Youths have great potential when they volunteer, which they do for social reasons, according to a new survey by dosomething.org.
Tanna Orullian, 25, and her 4-year-old daughter, Sage, are busy putting up decorations and getting ready for Christmas in their room at the Road Home shelter in downtown Salt Lake City — not in their own ...
A third, 34.4 percent, of these volunteered through religious organizations last year, the highest percentage in any sector, according to the report.
A new report report released by the Corporation for National & Community Service found that national volunteering was at its highest in five years. Faith-based organizations also play a key role in how and why ...