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LDS singer/songwriter Calee Reed pays tribute to family in her new album, "What Heaven Feels Like."
Growing up, Utah author Chad Morris didn’t always write novels — at one time, he didn’t even like to read. He learned to love reading after getting "pulled in" by Lloyd Alexander. Now, one of ...
A well-written novelization of the Mormon Web series "Book of Jer3miah," "Premonition" also offers new insights and clues into the mysterious conspiracy targeting university freshman Jeremiah Whitney.
Two major family history companies with offices in Utah, MyHeritage Genealogy and Ancestry.com, have started offering smaller-scale DNA tests from $99 to $837 to help trace family lines.
Life has taken LDS singer/songwriter Katherine Nelson to many places, from a microphone on the stage to the silver screen in the Legacy Theatre. Her newest recorded album, "Born Brave," is particularly written ...
Like many other independent labels, Feel Good Music Coalition uses the Internet as its primary promotional tool, but the music it produces demonstrates a unique philosophy on values in the media.
The artistic director of the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company in Salt Lake City will step down at the end of its 49th season in June 2013, the company announced in a press release.
Utah State University Extension Service sponsored a baby sitters' educational day camp Aug. 1-3 at the Salt Lake County Government Center in Salt Lake City.
Hundreds of members of The Church of Latter-day Saints this week have made headlines this week with Scout trips, pioneer treks and donated service.
Utah State Historical Society recently partnered with KUED to publish a collection of 220 photos of a World War II internment camp near Delta, Utah, online. The partnership was established in time for the const...