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Kristen Tracy's novel "Project (Un)Popular" tells of best friends Perry and Venice, who are yearbook photographers for their middle school and decide to take the social injustice of middle school head-on.
Julie Berry's most recent young adult novel, "The Passion of Dolssa," was released April 12. The book is set in the 1200s and describes the lives of a group of people in France during the Catholic Crusades.
Native Utahn Brandon Mull continues to delight readers with the fourth installment of his Five Kingdoms series: "Death Weavers."
When best friends Olivia and Piper start middle school, their worlds are shattered when they discover they only have one of their seven classes together. To stay close when they feel so far apart, they pass a n...
The case of Amanda Pierce never quite went cold, though the woman hasn't been seen for five years since she disappeared a few nights before her wedding in "All Dressed in White" by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafai...
"The Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven," by Brandon Mull, will be released Oct. 13 and serves as a guide for fans to remember the world of Fablehaven and prepare for Mull's new Dragonwatch series.
Everyone in the affluent New York City scene knows about the terrible Bennett scandal that happened just two years ago, and for one woman, knowing what actually happened could impact her life in "The Melody Lin...
To commemorate the 70-year anniversary of the Mystery Writers of America organization, Mary Higgins Clark headed a project compiling short stories from the most famous writers in the U.S. The result is "Manhatt...
"The Tulip Resistance" weaves a tale of the Dutch resistance and German forces during the Nazi invasion of Holland.
Cole Randolph and his comrades enter the third kingdom, Zeropolis, in search of the High King's five daughters, so the daughters' stolen powers can be retrieved and used to defeat the evil High King.