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Eric Schulzke writes on national politics and policy for the Deseret News and directs The Apollo 13 Project, a prisoner reentry awareness initiative at Utah Valley University. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at U.C. Berkeley.

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New Jersey Republican appeals to party base, but echoes Democrat in next door New York, a pairing that reflects new education alignments.
"Opportunity culture" program offers pay and career incentives to teachers to teach rather than administrate, and the results just in are looking impressive.
Contextual education program at La Guardia College in New York offers one widely respected model for moving beyond the exam.
Split in traditional alliances signals a new era in education reform as reformers push for accountability and equity beyond "test and punish."
Some Louisiana legacy magnet schools use selective, not random admission, leading to questions over transparency and fairness.
Team USA edges China, drawing comparisons to 1980 Miracle on Ice Hockey victory over the Soviet Union.
Years spent tussling over Common Core, vouchers, local control, homeschooling, funding, and testing create distinct strengths and weaknesses for presidential aspirants.
Lily Eskelsen GarcÍa decries rigid testing regime, argues it sets unrealistic targets, and points to Finland as an alternative model.
House narrowly passes a revision that would roll back federal control over education, including giving states more control over how they assess schools and evaluate teachers.
Foster kids face significant challenges, and better data, oversight and therapy may be needed. .