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Eric Schulzke writes on national politics and policy for the Deseret News and directs The Apollo 13 Project, a prisoner reentry awareness initiative at Utah Valley University. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at U.C. Berkeley.

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As U.S. schools add pressure down to younger grades, Finland's youngsters remain "joyfully illiterate."
SAT scores remain flat, leading some to fear that U.S. education reform is not working, but many experts think the SAT tells us nothing usefu
Obama's longest-serving cabinet officer drew fire from left and right, pushed Common Core, butted heads with unions, and promoted charter schools and standardized testing.
In the U.K., Ernst & Young is dropping the college requirement and shifting to skills testing instead. Is this the front end of a revolution that will render $100,000 student loan burdens moot?
Being an instructional coach, troubleshooter and financial manager in high pressure environments drives administrators away just as experience value kicks in, experts say.
Charters are not a threat to community schools, but a critical choice for low-income parents argues the president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.
Reduced participation and fears of injuries and liabilities lead school to drop iconic American tradition.
Study estimates $18,000 per teacher each year spent on teacher professional development, but fails to find any connection between the training and results in the classroom.
Focusing on poor Latino families, a Chicago Catholic school pays for their tuition with students' work. But do the kids get more out of the work jobs than they put into them?
Reduced mortality alone more than justifies the cost of the program one study finds, while another finds test score gaps reduced significantly.