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Eric Schulzke writes on national politics and policy for the Deseret News and directs The Apollo 13 Project, a prisoner reentry awareness initiative at Utah Valley University. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at U.C. Berkeley.

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A series of events in Palo Alto, California, has some questioning parental and community pressures to excel in wealthy high-tech community.
Much of the battle centers on sodium: Is it a necessary ingredient to make food taste good, or an unhealthy "cheap trick" to cover lousy ingredients?
A new CDC report shows autism rates are continuing to rise in the U.S., but some companies are going out of their way to offer a good fit.
Surge in college attendance came when jobs were scarce, but college gamble has not paid off for thousands.
Sen. Marco Rubio's debate comment comes at a moment when higher education is in flux. Some want better data, while others push for smoother transitions from technical fields to a bachelor's degree.
Planned new bill will still require states to test every year, but will no longer dictate what to do with the data.
In a battle of two culinary schools, the rules single out for-profits but ignore worse outcomes at a local community college.
While recruitment stalls for education's toughest job, one special-education teacher says goodbye in an emotional exit.
Researchers argue that Finland and South Korea mean nothing, but we learn a lot by comparing Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Up to 100 kids involved circulating over 300 images, as criminal charges may be filed in sexting scandal at a Colorado high school.