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Eric Schulzke writes on national politics and policy for the Deseret News and directs The Apollo 13 Project, a prisoner reentry awareness initiative at Utah Valley University. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at U.C. Berkeley.

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Malcolm Gladwell joins a chorus of critics decrying inequality and skewed priorities of top-ranked universities.
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Therapy and rescue combine into one program, as inmates care for cats and get unconditional love in return.
What at first looks like a nod to anti-vaccine populists actually shows a harder edge than most state laws. The GOP candidate actually takes a harder pro-vaccination stance than most states.
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Series will focus on what certain colleges are doing to close the socioeconomic gaps that are keeps first generation college students from finishing useful degrees.
On the frontlines of the teacher union wars, a Milwaukee union tries to figure out how it fits into the new reality, changing its expectations, its message and its tactics to retain members when collective barg...
A plea for help from a hardened criminal led an author to hatch an ambitious replication of a widely admired prisoner redemption system that has sat in the shadows for 40 years.
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