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Eric Schulzke writes on national politics and policy for the Deseret News and directs The Apollo 13 Project, a prisoner reentry awareness initiative at Utah Valley University. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at U.C. Berkeley.

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The school district in Los Angeles announced last week that it was exempting itself from the state's controversial parent trigger law, based on a federal waiver which exempts the law from federal sanctions for ...
Only 5 percent of people who start a free online "massive open enrollment course" finish it, a fact often cited as a weakness. But is that really the measure of success?
While making student loans bankruptcy-friendly became a cause cÉlÈbre on the left in the wake of Occupy Wall Street, in recent weeks the notion has found some support on the right as well.
As schools push for ever stronger academic performance, a key element to mental sharpness may be getting lost in the mix. Can Finland teach American schools the social and psychological importance of the playgr...
Washington Post business columnist Michelle Singletary wants you to pay off any student loans you have as fast as you possibly can, even if it means living rent free with friends or relatives.
Temple announced this week that is offering an alternate entrance path that sidesteps standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. Students who ditch the exam need to show good high school GPA and be in the top 10 ...
A new study out of the University of Arkansas argues that charter schools produce a significantly high return on investment when compared to traditional public schools.
After 15 years of mostly gentle persuasion, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has announced that it is partnering with a major law firm on an aggressive litigation strategy to address First Amen...
Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown was on hand with the group she organized in New York on Monday as they filed suit to invalidate the state's teacher tenure laws.
When schools fail and fail to respond to their failure, parents in several states can now mobilize to wrest control of the school from district administrators.