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Nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, “American Sniper” stars Bradley Cooper, who was nominated for Best Actor for stepping into the role of Kyle, a self-described “regular redneck.”
“I am certain of one thing; God was the first to cry. … God was the first to cry for your son.”
I loved the book “Unbroken,” written by Laura Hillenbrand. As for the movie directed by Angelina Jolie? Well, that’s a different story.
"Sabotage" is a bad Quentin Tarantino wannabe. Compared to this film, something like “Kill Bill” comes off charming, subtle and restrained.
I love the Muppets. I have liked all the films and even loved a few. "Muppets Most Wanted" is in between.
Based on the characters created by Jay Ward, this treatment of a dog who adopts his boy is clever and respectful of the classic cartoon's legacy while certainly taking “modern” license.
Liam Neeson is riveting as Bill Marks, a federal air marshal on a transatlantic flight, who starts receiving text messages from someone on-board demanding 150 million dollars and promising to kill someone every...
“3 Days to Kill” is a mess. Oh, it’s entertaining, but a mess nonetheless.
“With so many people dying, who cares?” It was not an uncommon question asked of Frank Stokes, who leads a group of historians, architects, curators and artists on a mission to save plundered art an...
“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” is a first-rate spy thriller that keeps you riveted and on the edge of your seat without bathing you in blood and flaunting sexuality.