Doug Wright
Doug Wright has over 40 years of experience in broadcasting. He is the host of "The Doug Wright Show" and "The Movie Show" on KSL Radio.

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The creativity in "Inside Out" that portrays the inner workings of a developing young mind is truly imaginative.
Each sequel has tried to recapture the magic of "Jurassic Park," and each has failed — including "Jurassic World."
If you’re looking for motivation to start participating in your neighborhood’s earthquake drills and to finally assemble your 72-hour emergency kit, simply purchase tickets to the new movie “S...
When the word got out that Disney was producing a movie titled “Tomorrowland,” the speculation and anticipation started. So what was actually delivered? I’m still trying to figure that out.
What do you do if you’ve produced an edgy, fun little film that ends up being a much bigger hit than anyone anticipated? Well, if you produced "Pitch Perfect," you scramble to come up with a good sequel, ...
When you have this kind of talent and these results, it’s disappointing.
Speaking as one whose comic and superhero “geek credentials” could easily be called into question, I have to tell you that "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" is amazing.
It’s a movie to savor. It’s a movie to ponder. It’s “The Age of Adaline.”
How could I possibly resist? A film titled “Monkey Kingdom” with opening scenes featuring a multitude of monkeys frolicking to “Hey, Hey We’re the Monkees," the theme to the '60s TV show...
Well, I might be drummed out of the Utah Film Critic Association for this, but I’m man enough to admit that I actually like the new film “The Longest Ride,” based on a Nicholas Sparks story.