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Emma's parents were opposed to the young Joseph Smith, but she was willing to cast her fate with his, and the love between them became a power for good and service to others throughout their lives.
On Christmas Eve of 1941, Winston Churchill spoke to the American people, urging us all to increase our faith and our efforts in behalf of the future of our children, in freedom and peace.
We are more than the here and now, and more than the frustrating image of the here and now.The past and the future are true, vital parts of our reality — who we truly are and will become.
When the Saints were in the mountains celebrating on July 24, 1857, when they heard Johnston's Army was on its way. Brigham Young handled the crisis with courage and faith.
Joseph Smith's enemies were constantly hounding him and looking for opportunities to do him harm. A special group of bodyguards was formed: the boys of the city, who were free to wander the streets whistling, w...
Joseph Smith Jr. had five brothers who lived to adulthood. Each made a contribution to the work, and each had a unique relationship with their prophet-brother. What was each one like?
The world overwhelms us with enticements, but the Lord holds out the sweet assurance of true gifts if we will forsake the world and follow him.
Both the Pilgrims and the Mormon pioneers suffered and sacrificed for their faith, remained close to God through all their sufferings and turned to him with praise and thanksgiving when their bountiful, saving ...
The early Saints used flags and banners both to inspire them, including the huge American flag made when Utah obtained statehood. Joseph Smith was betrayed under protection of a white flag of truce. We live und...
Who were the first women to enter the Salt Lake Valley? Why were they chosen? What were they like? When Brigham Young led the first company of 148, these three women were a boon and a blessing.