Jerry Earl Johnston
Jerry Earl Johnston is a former Deseret News staffer who currently freelances columns for Mormon Times and the Faith page. Hes from Brigham City, Utah, where he and wife Carol still live. They have a blended family of five kids and 14 grandchildren. While at the News, Jerry worked in sports, features, on city desk and was editor of the Religion section. He has been a columnist for the paper for more than 30 years. He has a Masters Degree in Spanish from the University of New Mexico and is the author of five books. He served an LDS mission to Bolivia.

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What got me through my latest ordeal were all the people who wouldn’t let me droop. I was determined to feel morose, but they wouldn’t hear of it.
The kids were painting their faces when little Rebecca Kohl emerged with a red, white and blue “peace sign” covering her face. For me, it was like seeing a purple cow. I’d never seen a patriot...
Salt Lake Bees third baseman Kaleb Cowart doesn't just sign autographs for fans, he gives them a spiritual booster shot. Beneath his name he always jots the reference Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things thro...
At the risk of sounding like a party pooper, let me say that in the last five years I have probably wrung my hands over the end of the world, hmmm, for three seconds. Personally, I chose to worry about other th...
I’m not sure when people started talking about “magical thinking.” When I was in college, I don’t remember the term coming up. Now it’s everywhere.
In this day and age, getting a slice of truth for $5 — even truth tossed off by a resourceful, out-of-work liberal arts graduate — has the feel of a real bargain.
I can only conclude that God loves Utah, judging by the caliber of men and women of faith he keeps sending our way. That’s why I’m eager to see who’s next.
As we all grow more aware, I think the conformers will allow mavericks more wiggle room and the renegades will learn to respect those who conform and what they offer. I’m banking on our ability, as believ...
It didn’t feel like much of victory. And I think, even then, I probably suspected that most victories were hollow at heart, unless you won them for someone or something larger than yourself.
Personally, I believe Bryce Harper’s unique style is a good thing. Like Harry Reid, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Gladys Knight and others, he breaks down the Mormon stereotype.