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While faithful members of the LDS Church sometimes feel like punching bags when faith is challenged, punching back only leads to black eyes.
By following five basic steps you can be a better-prepared missionary and more effective disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Whether you sip life’s changes reluctantly or guzzle the whole glass down, you can cope with life's changes by moping or hoping.
Low volume is not reverence; worship is not whispers. While quiet and calm are outward evidence of inner commitment, real reverence begins and ends with our proximity to Jesus.
Some people judge, reject or exclude persons or groups while themselves refusing to submit to God. The parable of the Two Sons shows us that anyone can reform and become a disciple, and that unrighteous judgmen...
Without Jesus Christ, there is no lasting joy in life because there is no eternal purpose in death.
The company we keep and the people we admire help to shape our thoughts, feelings, desires and actions. Choose friends and heroes wisely. For what we love we emulate, and what we emulate we become.
Humility is not weakness, submissiveness is not surrender — at least not in the worldly sense. Childlike virtues are not childish. For Christians, becoming “as a child” is the door to heaven.
Despite the cliche about old dogs and new tricks, we are never too old to learn. If we allow routine or age to define our learning limits, we miss the opportunity for growth. The real voyage of discovery is not...
Exposed under special light, scorpions can’t hide their true nature. In like manner, the light of the Holy Ghost exposes spiritual dangers to protect our souls. The Holy Ghost testifies, purifies and prot...