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Leave a legacy of learning, faith, love and service. After all, your finest legacy is not what you accomplish, but what God accomplishes in you.
Why would a loving God allow suffering? When doors of grief close our minds, God's plan of happiness can open our hearts.
We grandfathers can pass along the accumulated "wealth" of a lifetime to our posterity right now rather than waiting for a last will and testament.
When churchgoers take a casual Sunday-only approach to membership, they can become spiritually slothful and developmentally hardened to service and sacrifice. Such crust on our character is non-porous and tends...
Just as a tree can become top-heavy with deadwood stressing its core, so we can become overburdened with pride, success or even busywork that chokes our growth.
Is happiness a state of mind or a servant of circumstance? When seen as a virtue instead of a shadowy fiction, happiness can grow from moment to moment as we nurture and nourish it in the light of (and despite)...
A prayer for Paris is a prayer for us all. As you seek ways to help, remember that paying goodness forward has a ripple effect.
To the incredible senior missionaries who serve so faithfully in full-time and local service missions, we salute you. You are the heart and soul of service.
When our problems blind us to immediate solutions, we need not grope in darkness as eyeless wanderers. Solving our problems or helping others to bear heavy burdens may be as close as stepping back to a friend i...
While faithful members of the LDS Church sometimes feel like punching bags when faith is challenged, punching back only leads to black eyes.