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Richard and Linda Eyre are New York Times No. 1 best-selling authors who lecture throughout the world on family-related topics. Visit them anytime at www.EyresFreeBooks.com or at www.valuesparenting.com. Their latest Deseret Book e-book is “On the Homefront,” which contains 100 of their favorite columns with photos and videos.

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It’s one thing for us baby boomers to try to project and plan our lives over the next 20 or 30 years, but it's something else entirely to listen to 85-year-olds as they look back and analyze what they did...
We frequently mistake plans for goals. We go after things but don’t ask ourselves why we want those things or what they will lead to. We frequently mistake the means for the ends, and the result can be em...
How can we, as grandparents, be effective champions of and for our grandkids? How do we become their biggest cheerleaders and best supporters and encouragers?
I (Linda) clearly remember feeling my heart beat a little faster as I proudly watched our first little daughter graduate from her preschool class many years ago when we lived in McLean, Virginia.
As baby boomers, because of our longer life spans, we have more opportunity than any previous generation to make these seven personal, destiny-determining decisions.
Behind his management expertise and his big voice and smile were a deep humility, a gift for listening, a willingness to give the credit to others and the kind of meekness that will inherit the earth.
Do any of you parents ever struggle with things like bickering, fighting, interrupting, rudeness, disrespect and sibling rivalry?
There is one little three-letter word can turn almost every statement of doubt or defeat into one of hope and health.
Mother's Day is a good time for fathers to give the gift that their spouses really want — recommitting to being more involved with the kids, prioritize parenting a little higher and being a full partner i...
There are a lot of rather insulting phrases or cliches that get used in a miserable attempt to describe what it is like to get a little older. We need to examine and redefine a bunch of these old cliches and tu...