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Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, popular national radio personality and the author of three New York Times bestsellers "The Total Money Makeover," "Financial Peace Revisited" and "More Than Enough." In them, Ramsey exemplifies his life's work of teaching others how to be financially responsible, so they can acquire enough wealth to take care of loved ones, live prosperously into old age, and give generously to others. For more financial help, please visit daveramsey.com.

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Asking someone how much they make or where they are on their debt snowball in this scenario is officially weird — even by my standards.
The first thing I want you to do is take a step back and breathe. Yes, you guys just hit a big bump in the road, but the good news is you’re in pretty good shape financially to handle things for a while.
It’s always better to have the cash you earn in your pocket rather than parking it with the IRS interest-free every year.
I always recommend that young couples rent for a year and concentrate on each other, the new marriage, cleaning up any debts they have and establishing an emergency fund.
You have some things in your life that are pulling at you financially. At some point, you may have to take a long look at the situation and ask the hard question, “What is more important to me?”
Christmas always falls on Dec. 25. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to realize it’s right around the corner. You could even get a real jump on things and set a little bit aside each month toward Christ...
Make sure you have a clear understanding of exactly how much — if any — financial support would be required. Set these financial boundaries, and also be clear on when you expect the business to make...
Thinking differently and changing your gift-buying behaviors may be a little tough at first, but trust me, it’s worth the effort.
There’s one simple answer if the path you’re on isn’t going to get you what you want and where you want to be in life: Change the path.
Ask yourself if you believe deep down in your heart that giving this guy $1,000 would truly be a blessing to him or if, by doing it, you’d be acting as an enabler and basically just funding more of his st...