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My wellness campers went in search of a healthy kid-friendly snack and the result was cheetah apples. Crunchy and sweet, this super food snack is super good for kids and a delicious treat!
Tomatoes have disease fighting properties, according to Harvard School of Public Health, and are also delicious. Try this recipe for a fresh summer tomato salad.
Just because a grocery store item touts the word "natural," it doesn't mean that item is natural.

With Ovation's dedication to artistic storytelling, a second season of "In Search of Food" is about to begin with executive chef Scott Pampuch's radical concept of investigating what people are really eating

Ovation TV premieres season two of "In Search of Food." Chef Scott Pampuch heads to the farm for an adventure and learning about where real food comes from.
Not only are pumpkins a super food, but they can be used in not only sweets but savory cooking as well.

It’s not uncommon to have joint pain or stiffness from time to time. It presents differently in all of us. You may notice it as tightness, pain or limited range of motion. In order to keep feeling strong

Our bodies have memory, not just our brains. As children we love to move. As we grow up we take on more sedentary habits.
Not just a good tasting beverage, the medicinal properties in teas help to soothe and purify the body.
Technology has contributed to the overweight epidemic, and it's up to us to teach kids to make careful choices.