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A new survey of Utah political insiders shows bipartisan support for maintaining the Common Core State Standards.
After years of growth and school construction, Jordan School District opened the doors Monday on its newest elementary in Herriman, the final building planned for the area.
Crews neared containment Sunday on several fires burning throughout Utah.
Students wrote, composed and designed an opera as part of a special summer program hosted by the Madeleine Choir School.
A national survey of school administrators found that while students initially complained about new healthy lunch guidelines, attitudes are now more positive. A Jordan School District study also shows a shift i...
Members of the Education Task Force participated in demonstrations by Utah teachers on the application of classroom technology in science, math, English and social studies coursework.
Researchers at the University of Utah studied the effect that fecal transplants had on woodrats who had lost the ability to eat toxic creosote bushes.
City leaders in South Jordan and West Jordan have until Aug. 5 to decide whether to ask voters if their cities should split from the Jordan School District.
The State School Board postponed a decision Thursday on whether to request an extended waiver from the requirements of No Child Left Behind.
Gov. Gary Herbert announced Thursday that he has directed the Utah Attorney General's Office to conduct a thorough review of the state's commitments and obligations under the Common Core State Standards.