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Brian Nicholson has completed marathons from Boston to Beijing.

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More than 3,000 participants gathered Saturday morning to brave the rain and cold for their chance to complete the Ogden Marathon.
Four years ago, after Karen Guzman-Newton and her husband Scott Newton had spent around 12 years competing in cycling races in Italy, France and Spain, they decided to bring the Italian cycling tradition to Moa...
A race called Hurt in the Dirt might sound intimidating at first, at least to some. To others, it may sound like a challenge waiting to be overcome. Or to still others, it may just inspire a twinge of curiosity...
After 12 years of explosive growth, the Get Out And Live Foundation announced Monday that the Ogden Marathon will be implementing a lottery registration format beginning with the 2013 race, making it only the s...
After breaking registration records, the Ogden Marathon enjoys cool temperatures and a beautiful weekend.
There are new products on the market to keep you safe in the outdoors. This product from Nathan Sports keeps you safe and offers the convenience of having access to your cash, without the sweaty bills.
Fall is for football... and planning next year's running schedule.
Deseret News Marathon is not as easy as it looks, but still a worthwhile accomplishment to all who entered.
When it comes to bike rides, I can't think of a more pleasant 50 miles than riding around Bear Lake. The first time I did it was about a year ago. It was pretty difficult for me at the time, but since then, I&r...
A few years back, I read about a marathon training program that virtually guaranteed that by following its system, runners could shave 20 minutes off their fastest marathon time.