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Mark served as a U.S. diplomat in Israel and Mexico, blogs for the Jewish Journal, and will begin leading tours to Israel next year for Morris Murdock Travel. He can be reached at deverareligione@yahoo.com.

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The recent tension between the U.S. and Pakistan are a result of each country pursuing its own interests.
Let us wish Kenya, Ethiopia and the AU well in their attempt to crush the al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia.
Israel's Prime Minister needs to be honest with world leaders about his reasons for not wanting to negotiate with Palestinians.
Given Iran's support for terrorism and genocidal threats, all under the guise of religion, a military attack to destroy its nuclear sites would be more than justified.
Crown Prince Nayef has a disturbing history of coddling anti-Western terrorists and stifling dissent in his country.
Last week's release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for over 1,000 Palestinian terrorists and criminals, along with the execution of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, put into sharp focus the wisdom of nego...
Iran's hare-brained plot to kill the Saudi ambassador is not out of character for the mullahs; the Nobel Prize to a Yemeni women's advocate gives encouragement to the region's women.
Ron Paul's reaction to Al-Awlaki's killing shows he is not a serious thinker.
While their actions were deplorable, the Muslim students who shouted down the Israeli ambassador should not have been prosecuted.
President Obama is to be applauded for refusing to cave in to demands for recognition of Palestine at the U.N.