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Rather than listening to the same old music or, worse, the same thoughts rattling through my head run after run, podcasts are my go-to distraction to pass the miles on a long run.
I used to run to be alone to find peace amid the chaos of rearing little ones. Now I run to connect with them.
If we want our children to make certain choices, we have to be willing to make them ourselves. We set the example for others to follow.
I've struggled with self-doubt for years, and it's cost me dearly. It's time to step up to the start line and run the race I'm meant to run.
Great competitors use the successes of others to make themselves better.
Shelly and I have been friends for eight years, but only recently started running together. Now our friendship is laced together tighter than ever.
Is it possible to keep up with my training and fulfill every other responsibility asked of me? With every new season of life comes new focus. I've stopped trying to force balance and am now riding the waves as...
So often we feel judged when we step foot into a gym, but more often than not, we can find support and solidarity among others facing the same struggles and insecurities we're facing.
The joy of sports really shouldn't be about rings and trophies. It's about the hard work and perseverance of the athletes that draws me to the drama on the field, rink or ring.
As we get older, we supposedly get wiser. I'm turning 40 this year, which technically makes me a masters runner. But what, exactly, am I a master of?