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This year I have a lot to be grateful for. But I'm truly grateful for those in my life who helped me find my inner-athlete.
Life is busy, hectic and chaotic. Some days I barely have time to shower, much less run over 200 miles with 11 other people over two days. But I keep signing up for these relays because I love the connection I...
While New Year's is the traditional time to set new goals, fall is the season of change for me. It's a time to rethink my running goals and set my sights on the upcoming year.
The Boston Marathon is an incredible race, and if you get the chance to run it, don't pass it up. But if you never qualify, or if you do qualify and can't go, there is still so much you've accomplished to take...
With so many local races to choose from, runners can feel overwhelmed deciding where to spend their time and money. If I had to choose only one Utah race to run each year, the Top of Utah Marathon is my No. 1 p...
I hate running, it's true. But I hate not running more, so I keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Into every life a little disappointment must fall. It's how we deal with that disappointment that makes all the difference.
The physical exertion of running can leave us too tired to pretend everything is fine — it can make us face our most raw emotions head on.
Incorporating cross-training into any running routine will make your running stronger.
Being born on July 4th, I'd never had a big birthday party. I was determined to change that with plans to run my 40th marathon on my 40th birthday.