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As we get older, we supposedly get wiser. I'm turning 40 this year, which technically makes me a masters runner. But what, exactly, am I a master of?
The Park City Marathon was notorious for its tough terrain, but as big as the challenge was, the reward was even greater. With its cancellation, Utah runners have lost out.
I knew running the Berlin Marathon would be an interesting experience. But I didn't expect it to change me as much as it did.
I thought this year's running of the Boston Marathon was about my healing. What I found was even better.
Running the Boston Marathon is always life changing, but last year's race changed me in unexpected ways. This year I'm heading back not just to run, but to heal.
Life doesn't work out the way we expect it. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. That's why it's so important to cherish every day and every run we have.
I needed a race that was challenging, but still allowed time together with the family. The Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon fit the bill.
A spur of the moment decision to run the Lake to Lake Relay in St. George turned into one of the best decisions I've made.
The fastest way for me to push past my fears is to broadcast my intentions to the world. So I'm broadcasting my intentions for the 2012 running season and am including a few goals well out of my comfort zone.
What do you think about when you run? Here are a few of the random thoughts that popped in my head during a race.