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The right teams must win this Sunday, and you can impact that, even after the fact.
Do you see no point in setting New Year's resolutions? Here are some new ideas to bring the joy back into the annual process.
It started in the home with a war. It has lead to a peaceful idea that could stop the mess going on in Washington, D.C. — and create a new one.
Have you ever finally agreed to update the software in your phone or computer and had it create far more problems than it solved? If so, you've probably been told it's just a "generational thing." It's not. The...
Life gets real busy. I got a sneak peak into how I might feel about my own life if I finish it without a pink knit cap.
A retired three-star general, Russel Honoré, who led military efforts to rescue people stranded after Hurricane Katrina, got a chance to tour the LDS Bishops' Storehouse and Welfare Square earlier this m...
I was in desperate need of some cash. I decided to share some of my best treasures with the world in a garage sale. It was over within minutes.
I am now taking a boxing class to pound away at my extra pounds. And while I am not always, however, a willing participant, I have to admit it did prepare me for a parking lot confrontation.
I announced in May that I was the "Marathon Man" because I planned to run a marathon in a year. I didn't know that marathons are 26 miles long and that they require you to be on a diet for a year.
A telemarketer told me that this is the time of year when hobo spiders are most aggressive. They had better stay away from my house.