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April 1 gets me thinking about pranks and the time someone made me think I had died and gone to heaven.
Donald Trump says journalists keep asking the same old questions at debates. I have a few new questions they could ask.
Take a deep breath. Did it make you cough? If not, count your blessings — you are living in a land somewhere over the rainbow.
This year’s election cycle has reminded me how far out of sync I must be. It makes me wonder if people would seek out the same qualities if they were tasked with selecting new co-workers.
There's something big happening tonight. I know that if I don't write about it, I'll never get any sleep. You should go.
Last Sunday's playoff loss was a big setback for the Seahawks, but if we team up with Arlo Guthrie we can still get them to the Super Bowl.
To lead a really fulfilling life you need to have something coming in the mail. And it shouldn't be something that other people might mistake for trash.
I'm hoping that 2016 is way better than 2015. I believe that we will win.
My quest for the prefect pillow took me to a warehouse from the future that only the pure in heart can see.
"Bewitched" was just a television show, but it could give you some insight into my world and why I might shout at you for no reason.