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"Bewitched" was just a television show, but it could give you some insight into my world and why I might shout at you for no reason.
Are you really grateful for the good stuff that comes into your life? Do you even recognize it? Maybe you should make a top-10 gratitude list.
I am an award-winning cook, and in this column, I offer insight on speed cooking, smoke and fire departments.
If you are one of the few people who don't really like Halloween like me, read this column. It might give you an idea that will change everything.
Lots of people count calories. Only those of us with experience do it right.
Running for president can't be easy. It's like being in a job interview that never ends.
Read this story if you are thinking about quitting your day job.
Somewhere in Tucson, Arizona, is a man who gave up his two best friends for adoption so that they could have a better life.
Sooner or later there comes a time when we all have to step up in an emergency and right a wrong. I did that eight times in just four hours.
We lived with a talking dog for three years. He's gone silent now, even though we keep listening to hear him speak.