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A telemarketer told me that this is the time of year when hobo spiders are most aggressive. They had better stay away from my house.
We have a very happy visitor in our home, and it's made me reflect on the times that Robin Williams visited us.
Whatever you do, don't go outside tonight. Trust me. If you have to go out, just stay away from the University of Utah.
There is a lot of research indicating the dangers of distracted driving due to texting, but very little is know about the problems that can occur when old people decide to text. There can be innocent victims.
Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a healthy person who is disconnected from the joy of ice cream or the wonder of chocolate chip cookies? I have been to the other side and discovered some surprising t...
Not everyone had a dad who wore an umbrella hat in public and played the trombone. I'm sure glad I did.
Some people are talking about dating now like it's a practice one must learn to develop proper life skills. They describe it like it is an obligation that must be faced. In the olden days, it was just fun.
I am going to run the Salt Lake City Marathon next year. Right now I can't run more than 60 seconds without stopping, but soon they will be calling me "The Marathon Man."
It’s not completely clear to me why I think of a night in a fancy hotel as such a treat.
Have you ever had trouble getting sympathy for insomnia? It's very frustrating. If you are like me, then sometimes your only friends during hard times like this are Rocky Balboa and Canadian SWAT teams.