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It's OK to search online for news that interests you, but don't forget to start with a real newspaper, the kind you can hold in your hands. If you don't, I fear it's the beginning of the end for all of us.
Do you know anyone who can open a mustard packet without something bad happening? I have a justifiable fear of packet backfire.
I used to take it for granted that I could sit down and just type something on my computer. Recently, it has not been so easy.
I'm a rule-keeper. I didn't get kicked out of high school once. But there was one night when I was on the run from the law. I didn't get caught. I fear it may have changed my life forever.
I don't know who Jeffrey Benjamin is. No one does. But I own part of his famous "desktop collection," and it has changed my life.
Have you ever questioned the sanity of someone playing music in their car so loudly that everyone in a three-block area, inside or outside of buildings, can hear it? Did you ever have brain damage like that?
"The Rock" is out saving people with his new reality series "Wake Up Call." What would you do if he showed up at your door?
Before you buy a black bear as a pet, ask yourself two questions: "Can this be an indoor bear pet?" and "If so, will it eat the dog?"
Did you know that when you are old you will probably have lightening bolts in your eyes? How come you never told me that?
If you know someone who voluntarily uses a sleep apnea machine, it can be baffling. If you use one yourself, you understand.