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C. Jane Kendrick writes for cjanekendrick.com. She lives in Provo with her husband and two children. You can find her on Twitter at CJaneKendrick, on Facebook as C. Jane Kendrick or email cjanemail@gmail.com.

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Exercise doesn't have to be a hopeful weight-loss cause. Body acceptance starts when we begin to see our bodies as something to thank instead of change.
Here's why we shouldn't wait to love our bodies. Healthy body image starts today, not when we've changed our shapes.
We left just as the Boston bombings unfolded. Paired with the pain in Syria (and all over this planet, actually) I started feeling defeated. This world is rotting with tragedy and hate and here I am trying to r...
An over eater learns to listen to her body.
Isn't heaven a replica of mornings burrowed between two relaxed parents?
I recently took part in a focus group for Provo City's rebranding efforts.
Now that I think about it, this is a sly marketing plan to get Hostess back up and running. Hostess: We'll Feed You Through the Millennium!
What if all the GOP candidates were Mormon?
If my studies of the bible are correct, dry conditions during otherwise seasons of precipitation means only one thing: sin.
My good friend has always said there are only three things you should say to a pregnant woman.