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Richard and Linda Eyre are New York Times No. 1 best-selling authors who lecture throughout the world on family-related topics. Visit them anytime at www.EyresFreeBooks.com or at www.valuesparenting.com. Their latest Deseret Book e-book is “On the Homefront,” which contains 100 of their favorite columns with photos and videos.

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There are a lot of rather insulting phrases or cliches that get used in a miserable attempt to describe what it is like to get a little older. We need to examine and redefine a bunch of these old cliches and tu...
The trick is knowing when to let things flow in a natural way and when to push your plan through even in the wake of resistance and chaos.
When we were children, we often wanted to speed up time — so that our birthday or Christmas would arrive sooner. But as we age, we find ourselves wishing we could slow down time.
What responsibility does the baby boomer generation have to the rest of the world? It’s a question all of us in that generation should ask ourselves.
In the busy, secular world in which we spend our days, a deeper spiritual focus rarely happens without consistent, conscious effort. It doesn’t happen without a plan for coming to know Christ better tomor...
A couple of generations ago, 45-year-olds thought a lot about their next 20 years and asked how they would make it the most full and productive time of their lives. Today, it's 65-year-olds who can and should a...
As different as people are in their ideologies and worldviews, they are all basically the same when it comes to their families, particularly their hopes, dreams, worries and concerns for their children.
Normally I love snow days. Everything canceled. Lots of time to be together, read, play games, drink hot cocoa. But they’re quickly losing their charm around here.
There is a refining influence and a taste for excellence that can grow early in children who get out of their world of large and small screens and routine schoolwork once in a while and see a great piece of art...
Someone who is always seeking his own happiness seldom finds it. But someone who is genuinely trying to make his or her spouse happy usually succeeds.