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While we enjoy low prices at the pump, we must maintain our collective hope that domestic energy companies will continue their investment in energy innovations and exploration.
On its journey toward increased reliance on renewable energy, the United States has taken an unlikely detour back to traditional oil and natural gas production. "Fracking" has become one of the most hotly debat...
Although big data will never replace human innovation or environmental responsibility, it can provide the tools and insight we need to reduce pollution and improve air quality.
Growth in alternative energy can significantly strengthen the Intermountain West’s economy while simultaneously supporting the global environment.
Investing in America’s future workforce is the most viable long-term strategy for helping us emerge from financial crisis and for laying the long-term foundation for a strong, competitive global economic ...
While home ownership is not a lone silver bullet to creating a thriving middle class, favorable mortgage terms are an important factor in middle-class success.
Taking a cue from Mexico’s success, the U.S. can improve its economy by emphasizing free trade — particularly with the European Union.
Economic history shows that although an open market can inflict short-term pain, it will ultimately return long-term gain. Public policy must focus on enabling competition while facilitating the retooling of th...
As the effects of crisis in the small region of Crimea ripple through world stock markets and impact even small rural farms in Utah, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of the global economy.
Lawmakers should take seriously the imperative of de-cluttering the tax code. If such an overhaul could make our tax code fairer, simpler and less prescriptive in terms of how and where people spend their money...