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Tamra Carlson, who has worked at the Deseret News for 19 years, is Senior Online Editor and new employee trainer for DeseretNews.com, She started as a library archivist and began working with the online department during its formative years. She has been instrumental in its development since the mid 1990s. Tamra graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history, and a minor in communications with an emphasis on journalism.

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CBS News reported Friday that the "sun let loose its most powerful eruption in more than four years Monday night (Feb. 14), disrupting radio communications in China and generating concern around the world."


The night sky is full of wonders. Some can be seen by the naked eye, and some need the aid of an orbiting telescope.

Stargazers tonight will have the rare treat of celebrating both the only lunar eclipse of


Recently, the AP reported on NASA's probe last year which found water on the moon.

NPR interviewed Michael Wargo, NASA's chief lunar scientist, about the findings , while NASA's website discusses the reasons