Jeff Thredgold
Jeff Thredgold is the only economist to have earned the CSP (certified speaking professional) international designation, the highest earned designation in professional speaking. He is also an economic consultant to Zions Bank.

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Welcome to the global community in 2012. English has increasingly become the international language of business. Within more and more nations, businesses are demanding their executives become fluent in English.
March employment gains were less than expected, less than exciting, less than worth writing home about and will again pose the question of whether U.S. job creation is about to slow as summer months approach.
There comes a time ...
…when a significant career shift is warranted.…when it is time to spend more time with your family.
The “dismal science” of economics typically focuses on “bad” news. We clearly face many significant challenges. However, there are also many favorable developments taking place within th...
Those seeking the presidency would discuss critical issues facing the American people instead of so many side issues. European political leaders would finally and fully address the continent’s sovereign ...
The “good” news? The U.S. economy has now been in growth mode for 33 months … ever since the Great Recession ended in June 2009.
I do not think much of those economic forecasters whose only message is, and nearly always has been, that U.S. economic and global collapse is just around the corner.
Fourth quarter performance of the U.S. economy was revised slightly higher Wednesday.
Last week's column talked about the rebound in U.S. manufacturing that is both under way and likely to continue. The American manufacturing sector is expected to add jobs in 2012 for the third consecutive year,...