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In case people have forgotten, that familiar ozone haze will be dropping by this summer. Researchers at Utah State, Weber State, the University of Utah and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality will trac...
USU researchers will study the live Zika virus in its bio-level secure Lab, hoping to collect data that would help pharmaceutical companies develop an immunization compound against the pathogen.
A team of University of Utah researchers is working on a "smart helmet" that would greatly reduce the risk of concussions by releasing air from bladders embedded throughout the inside of the helmet.
In modern dental settings or out in the field where it all began, the Nomad, as it's called, is changing the face of X-ray imaging.
Inside Neuroworx's new $9 million rehabilitation center in Sandy, 24-year-old Isaiah Rodriguez walks with the help of an innovative device called Vector.
Can the brain fool itself into ignoring signals for chronic pain? If it can, Brigham Young University researchers want to know if they can observe or measure actual changes in the brain after a patient has a pa...
A quadriplegic Utah teen is able to walk again thanks to his determination and the help of a state-of-the-art exoskeleton.
Research on the cardiovascular effects of even moderate pollution is so robust now, it's hard to ignore. In addition to heart and lung problems, pollution is now linked to mortality rates from high blood pressu...
Athletes know all about creatine. It's been used for decades to improve performance in competitions. But what about increasing this natural amino acid in the brain? Could it treat depression?
Electrical stimulation of the brain continues producing amazing turnarounds for people with neurological diseases. For a 35-year-old woman from Boise, who used to suffer from the sometimes immobilizing symptoms...