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Research on the cardiovascular effects of even moderate pollution is so robust now, it's hard to ignore. In addition to heart and lung problems, pollution is now linked to mortality rates from high blood pressu...
Athletes know all about creatine. It's been used for decades to improve performance in competitions. But what about increasing this natural amino acid in the brain? Could it treat depression?
Electrical stimulation of the brain continues producing amazing turnarounds for people with neurological diseases. For a 35-year-old woman from Boise, who used to suffer from the sometimes immobilizing symptoms...
It appears dogs and humans are much more alike genetically than was originally believed, and what's saving their lives could save human lives as well.
Five years ago, Danny and Emily Kooyman's son died in their arms only 41 days after birth. They knew if they had more children the same thing could happen again. But this summer, a miracle in its own right unfo...
Dentists now have a new revolutionary way to correct gum recession with no cutting or stitches, and virtually no downtime.
Geologists at BYU have discovered what may have been the world's largest supervolcano, which collapsed and exploded in western Utah.
Utah doctors are using a new tracking technology to precisely target and kill prostate cancer, and it’s completely noninvasive.
A new revolutionary treatment is changing the face of the devastating disease cystic fibrosis. A drug recently approved by the FDA called Kalydeco appears to be holding the disease at bay.
A new revolutionary treatment is changing the face of the devastating disease known as cystic fibrosis.