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It’s no secret that’s something’s happening at the site of the old University Mall in Orem. One of the major players has just opened a new store there this week: RC Willey.
Bells rang on towers at national parks, churches, town halls, schools and other historic sites Thursday to mark the 150th anniversary of General Robert E. Lee's Confederate surrender to General Ulysses S. Grant...
Medical students around the nation found out about the next phase of their professional careers Friday.
No NCAA Tournament games will be played in Utah this year, but the hardwood floor for the men’s and women’s championship games will spend some time in the Beehive State.
Utah has a prescription drug abuse problem. About 550 people die from overdoses of pain medications each year, and it’s a big problem that keeps getting worse
Intermountain Healthcare and the state’s prevention campaign, Use Only As Directed, have joined forces to educate Utahns about the proper use, storage and disposal of prescription medications.
Snow removal companies are feeling the heat with warm weather keeping their snowplows parked.
Utah doesn’t seem to have had much of a winter this year. While some people are enjoying the warmer weather, it’s a different story for organizers of winter recreation events.
The construction industry is on the rebound in Utah and across the country, but contractors are having a hard time finding qualified workers for the good-paying jobs.
A proposal would put the Hoberman Arch, and possibly even the Olympic torch, at Warm Springs Park on 300 West and 900 North.