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The Utah Department of Transportation reduced speed limits by 10 mph near the intersection of Redwood Road and Bangerter Highway following several accidents there, including one fatal crash.
As artificial turf fields get old, can they cause health problems? Health officials now talking about it.
Haven’t most people stopped and stared at a cool or unusual vehicle going down the street? That’s what people are doing in Orem this week.
Both the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Utah National Guard have launched investigations after officers were identified in uniform in a risque calendar photo and video shoot.
Flying can be expensive. You need a ticket, which will likely cost at least a few hundred dollars, and may have to pay baggage fees. One woman has figured out a way to travel across the country without paying a...
For the past 22 seasons, the Utah Olympic Park aerials training facility has helped hundreds of athletes perfect their flips and spins. Starting next summer, athletes who specialize in aerial ski jumping will h...
Amid intense scrutiny over security lapses at the White House, director of the Secret Service Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, called the resignation the "right decision."
Over the past few months, Utah residents have lost thousands of dollars to callers posing as IRS employees.
A University of Utah astronomer and his colleagues made an amazing discovery that could change how scientists study the universe.
Two year later, family meets and thanks those who helped save a life.