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School officials are making plans to switch its high schools to a 5-by-5 schedule next year, meaning students will have one more class each day.
Veterans Day means a lot to Jonathan Walker, so much so that last year, all by himself, he got on that bridge and started saluting drivers in cars going by. That one event has now turned into something bigger, ...
West Valley Police investigators are asking for help locating two burglars caught on video breaking into an office and stealing items out of a safe.
Mom's CafÉ in Salina was only closed for a day after the driver of a car lost control and slammed into the front of the popular restaurant.
There is a 4-acre piece of land in northwestern Box Elder County that very few people know about. Even fewer people recognize it as what it’s meant to be — its own country.
A new Tesla feature still in beta testing is set to revolutionize driving with automated, self-driving features.
The Skypark Airport in Woods Cross reopened Thursday after being closed during a monthlong renovation. The old runway was falling apart, and a $1.2 million redo was necessary to accommodate the airport's increa...
Firefighters with Unified Fire Authority based at the South Mountain station in Draper were heading back from a medical call when the brakes on their fire truck failed.
Coalville needed a new water treatment facility after the Bureau of Reclamation told them the lease on the land where their old facility was located wasn't going to be renewed. The price tag: $12 million for a ...
Six firefighters from the Juab County Fire District recently returned from fighting wildfires in Washington state.