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Dispatch centers often use different software, making communication between them difficult and time-consuming. But a new system is making communication between centers seamless.
The Spiral Jetty is considered landscape art and is arguably the most popular piece of landscape art in the world. Rep. Rebecca Edwards, R-North Salt Lake, has introduced legislation to make the Spiral Jetty Ut...
Thousands of people pass by a gray and blue building off I-15 in Fillmore every day, but most have no idea what happens inside.
The airport manager says passenger traffic was up roughly 10 percent in 2015 compared to 2014.
The funeral for Unified police officer Doug Barney is Monday, and 10,000 people – 8,000 of them law enforcers from across the nation – are expected to attend. Many Utahns are opening their homes to ...
A young girl injured in a disastrous crash at a roller skating rink in Delta the day after Christmas is getting better. While she is recovering, students at a school she’s never heard of are doing what th...
Salt Lake City School District is distributing a survey asking parents, district workers and students about time, in particular, whether students are getting enough sleep.
Grouse Creek is a small town in the extreme northwestern part of Box Elder County. For the first time ever, its 50-some residents have cellphone coverage. It's not 4G coverage, but it's a start.
Utah's Weights and Measures program ensures that when items are scanned at the register, they reflect the price displayed on store shelves. A Harmons store in Farmington currently has a 100 percent accuracy rec...
A Jordan School District bus driver dresses as Santa Claus to drive his kids to school.