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The pleasant early spring conditions beckon people to get outside. They are also attracting something else: snakes and spiders.
Logan's city cemetery has a project that would cost roughly $20,000 to complete. Instead of trying to find money in the budget and reorganize capital expenditures, the city decided to try to raise money through...
Even the toughest Marine sometimes needs a little help — especially when they're 92 years old. When Audrey Wells needed help getting around, her Ivins neighbors responded in a big way.
Rooster is a 4-month-old red heeler lab in training to become an avalanche dog. He's learning how to rely on only his sense of smell to pull out someone who may have been trapped in snow, but he was rescued him...
An 81-year old Kaysville woman is smiling after wheelchair ramps were donated and installed at her home. Police are still trying to figure out who took her old ramps.
Jay Francis, 89, was watching a baseball game at a St. George park when thousands of bees starting swarming the crowd.
City officials in Salina are hoping to turn the worst POW massacre in U.S. history into a museum.
Iron County was one of the few counties or cities in Utah to own its own ambulance service, but now it has been sold to Gold Cross.
A veteran's old photo album that was found at a West Valley City thrift store is now back in the hands of his family.
Scientists with the National Park Service and other agencies made a map and a list of the quietest places in the lower 48 states. Dinosaur National Monument is one of them.