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Residents in Sugar House are getting fired up about proposed neighborhood renovations that could include putting up a five-story building in place of a favorite local eatery.
Salt Lake City residents recently received a letter from the director of Salt Lake City Public Utilities Department for water and sewer insurance. The offer from HomeServe is confusing to some homeowners.
Salt Lake City is adding protected bike lanes on 300 South between 300 West and 600 East. The lanes are supposed to be safer for cyclists because it is closer to the curb, pushing parking spots a full lane away...
The Utah Highway Patrol is reviewing security measures at the state Capitol after a highly intoxicated man was found bloody and injured Friday morning.
The fatal shooting of a dog in a backyard last month prompted a Salt Lake County man to create and sell “no trespassing” signs, but legal experts say those signs may not stop officers from entering ...
Mike Leavitt, former governor of Utah, confirmed Sunday that Mitt Romney has thrown his support behind the Count My Vote effort to bring a primary election system to Utah.
A family's quest to sign up for health insurance has left children in limbo and parents frustrated.
A Utah medical device company is paying millions of dollars to help fund the Affordable Care Act, but rather than complain about it, the head of Merit Medical said he's figuring out ways to make it work.
The U.S. is drawing closer each day to hitting its head on the debt ceiling, but Utah's congressional delegation is cautiously optimistic that a solution will emerge before the Thursday deadline.
Salt Lake City residents have received mail-in ballots asking whether they agree that corporations are not the same as individuals when it comes to constitutional rights and that limiting corporate money is not...