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A year ago a Provo woman was found dead inside her home, but no arrests have been made. Her son, who found her body, is pleading for anyone with information to come forward.
A family is trying to spread the word about bicycle safety after suffering a tragedy, in hopes of preventing another.
Over the past two decades, Richard and Tamara Davis have never given up the hope of bringing their daughter Kiplyn home. And through a series of searches, investigations and court cases, they can’t believ...
Before HDTVs, smartphones, tablets and computers people would gather around the radio to hear live performances of their favorite programs. A small-town theater in Central Utah is trying to revive the Golden Ag...
Intermountain Healthcare is rolling out a new system to take the doctor to the patient. It’s called telemedicine.
Justin Osmond, a second-generation Osmond, is gearing up for the biggest performance of his life. And he won't be singing. Instead, Osmond is taking part in the Run4Hearing charitable run.
Three dozen headstones were damaged at the Payson cemetery, and police say the person responsible wanted to help the dead.
A routine call by Orem police to the home of a single mother turned into an opportunity to help a family in need.
A convenience store being robbed at gunpoint isn't anything unusual these days, but for people in one small town in Central Utah, it's a big deal because no one can remember it happening before.
They are called to keep order in the most volatile of situations: the police SWAT team. Making the team is difficult for any officer, but Nisha Henderson said it was a goal she worked toward for years. In the p...