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Seventy years ago Friday, the Bing Crosby song "White Christmas" meant salvation for a Utah prisoner of war. It climaxed his miraculous escape from a brutal prisoner of war massacre in the closing months of Wor...
Odd doesn't begin to describe it. Is it a junkyard? An art project? Or the scene of a very bad accident? It's called the International Car Forest of the Last Church. It's 40 cars standing in the desert.
Almost 100 years ago, a big brick building was sent through the mail — the Bank of Vernal delivered by the Post Office.
Last year, the CIA lifted the veil of secrecy on Nevada's legendary Area 51. But that didn’t end speculation about flying saucers and aliens.
For more than 40 years, teams of construction workers have been working in the desert, carrying out the vision of an artist. After 42 years of construction, it's suddenly controversial.
Charcoal kilns are part of a nearly forgotten industry that, in the words of one expert, came to be thought of "almost like a criminal activity."
An imaging technique called LIDAR helps geologists map areas denuded of trees, shrubs, grass and ever some lighter buildings. It can help detect hidden hazards that like landslides, faults and flood threats.
The man in charge of keeping the campus green at the University of Utah is calling for the state to lift its ban on a so-called "noxious weed." He believes it could be part of the answer to long-term worries ab...
Many travelers like to sleep in a tent to save the cost of a night in a motel room. But penny-pinchers who come upon the Moab Under Canvas campground would be advised to drive right on by. A night in a tent the...
Utah's most unusual RV resort has reopened, which should please folks who'd enjoy a slightly wacky mix of '50s and '60s retro culture, movie star worship and the mystique of a certain brand of RV.