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Vai Sikahema is the Sports Director and Anchor for NBC10 Philadelphia. He is a two-time All-Pro, two-time Emmy Award winner and was a member of BYU's 1984 National Championship team.

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After serving a two-year LDS mission in the Florida Tampa Mission, Harvey Langi will return to Utah on Tuesday and said he hopes to transfer to BYU despite playing his freshman season for the Utes.
Last weekend, I flew to Chicago for my cousin David Tafuna's graduation from Northwestern's prestigious Kellogg School of Management with his MBA.
With each succeeding Mormon missionary discussion with Ron Stewart's family over a three-week period, the family came with someone new.
This week, the Philadelphia region mourned and celebrated the life of a favorite son, Lewis Katz.
The NCAA, a body distinguished by its strict observance of its numerous and onerous rules and regulations — many so obscure, offenders only learn of them when broken — is no respecter of programs. I...
Less than a week after our initial dinner and lesson, the Stewarts returned for another meal and a second lesson. This time, however, Angie was home suffering with allergies while Ron came with their two young ...
As Latter-day Saints, we've all experienced it. Missionaries are over for dinner. The meal is done. Dishes are being cleared. And one of them says, “Who do you know that we can meet or teach?” Crick...
It has been almost two years. My weekly column, Vai’s View, made cameo appearances here and there, but since October 2012, it abruptly ended. I stepped away.
The whining of American journalists over accommodations, venues, transportation, food, tight security, and stray dogs, quite frankly, makes me sick.
The Olympics is still the greatest event on the planet — not just "sports event" — greatest GLOBAL event. Bigger than the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series or NBA Finals.