Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson teaches Arabic studies, founded BYU's Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, directs mormonscholarstestify.org, chairs mormoninterpreter.com, blogs daily at patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson and speaks only for himself.

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The basic principles of warfare haven't changed in thousands of years. So what can the study of military history tell us about the plausibility of the Book of Mormon?
We take it for granted, but the fact that the universe makes sense, and that it's even, at its deepest levels, mathematically elegant, is remarkable. Is this significant? Does it point beyond itself? And, if so...
A somewhat mysterious ancient document, almost certainly unavailable to Joseph Smith or any of his contemporaries, shows numerous interesting parallels to 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon.
In an age that celebrates liberation, talk of submission can be quite unwelcome. However, while liberation is often good and important, so also, at times, is submissive obedience and trust. Indeed, without subm...
Joseph Smith used a stone in a hat to help him in his translation of the Book of Mormon. Critics have made merry over this, but it makes sense and it's actually an indicator that he was telling the truth.
Decisive public evidence that would settle the biggest questions of life and existence isn't available. But we still have to answer them for ourselves. We can't avoid it.
Dirt archaeology is shedding new light on the town where Jesus grew to maturity, and may even have found his boyhood home. Once again, archaeological data flesh out the biblical stories and correct misguided ap...
A conference to be held on the BYU campus Saturday, March 14, will examine English text of the Book of Mormon from several different angles, showing that some of the assumptions held about it by both critics an...
In a recent book, an internationally respected physicist argues that faith is an essential component not just of religion but of ordinary daily life and, for that matter, of physics.
Secular arguments for the Book of Mormon don't aspire to a single decisive knock-out, but rest, instead, on the patient accumulation of facts and insights that render it more and more plausible.