Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson teaches Arabic studies, founded BYU's Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, directs mormonscholarstestify.org, chairs mormoninterpreter.com, blogs daily at patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson and speaks only for himself.

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Early critics of the Book of Mormon were certain that, when it appeared, it would be mere chaotic gibberish. They were wrong. People still debate its origins, but it's undeniably a complex and consistent book. ...
The claims advanced by theism, or belief in God, can be and are disputed. But there seems little reasonable dispute that they're enormously important.
While faith often goes beyond the evidence, it isn't necessarily irrational. And this is true in ordinary daily life, not merely in matters of religion.
A new book argues that new academic discoveries and views provide dramatically increased support for the reliability of the New Testament gospels.
An examination of the lives of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, beyond the testimony printed with each copy of the book for nearly two centuries, reveals the depth and consistency of their convictions.
Book of Mormon Central will bring together the astonishingly rich, varied and voluminous results of decades of serious scholarship and writing, making them easily accessible at no cost to users.
Two recent articles examine the role of 11 men and four women who saw, felt, heard and knew. We can accept their testimonies, or we can attempt to evade them.
Without Christmas, there could have been no Easter. And without Easter, we would be utterly and forever lost.
The prolific sociologist Rodney Stark's latest book offers a fascinating and very readable overview of what's going on, religiously speaking, around the world. And it turns out that much of what you think you k...
No finite book, not even the scriptures, can contain all that we would want to know about God, nor all that he wants us to know about him.