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Heavy downpours of rain and ensuing landslides over the past three weeks are a reminder to plan ahead for potential big-time calamities.
Family history research has changed over the years since I was a little boy. There is a flood of digitized records and documents to help us record and store information on our family ancestors and relatives. Ac...
The prophet's message of "Hastening the Work" has affected missionary, genealogy and temple work. As workers on the other side of veil are busy, we see an increase in the building of temples here.
Fires in California have raised the question of what should we do to plan for the knock at the door to evacuate. Families should have an escape plan and what to do to preserve photos and genealogical data we ha...
My wife teaching 43 young women how to search for their ancestors and submitting and processing their names for baptism was a choice experience.
The account of a research client and what she and husband went through to have us research her lines just months before her passing. Desire was have me acquire all information about her ancestors and send them ...
RootsTech 2014 will be at Salt Lake Expo Center, Feb. 6-8. Expected attendance is more than 10,000. Ree Drummond, Pioneer Lady is keynote speaker. Family Discovery Day with Elder Neil Andersen and others.
The proceeds from "The Messiah" freed 142 in debtor's prison and kept Handel from going there himself. This is like freeing our ancestors in spirit prison by finding their names and doing their temple work.
What the Lord did to save me from being hit by a train at a very young age. My mother's history says I was 2 years old when I came up missing from the house while she and Dad were in the genealogy library tryin...
It's not too late to observe Genealogy Month this October. There are lots of ways to get up and running with genealogy, or pick up where you left off.