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Running on Thanksgiving Day is a healthy way to kick-off the traditionally unhealthy holiday season, filled with sweets and feasts. Sign up for one of Utah's local Turkey Day races.
Back into a routine of long runs — early on a cold Saturday morning. Five tips to make those freezing runs more enjoyable.

In the hours leading up to the Pink Series half marathon, everything was going wrong for me. On the drive to check-in to our hotel, I realized I forgot my shoes. The Mexican food I ate for dinner messed with my

More obstacles and more mud reinvent the Dirty Dash.

I ran Davis County's famous Legacy Parkway Trail for the first time this summer. It was part of the race course for the Bountiful Handcart Days half marathon, and I was expecting to love the wildlife trail.


It was 12:30 a.m. early Thursday morning and I had just finished mixing batter on some killer protein and fiber muffins.

"Go to bed," I kept telling myself.

In four hours, I'd be driving up to Logan, Utah


Four hours, 30 minutes was my goal for my first marathon.

For a first-time marathoner, I was warned that my only goal should be to finish, but I'm stubborn and my long training runs were averaging a 9:30-min


Before I run a race, I worry about what to eat. The fuel I put into my body is important for my endurance, hydration and muscle strength. I want good carbs, lean protein — and definitely nothing with high


Three weeks ago, I was up for my long 16-mile training run in preparation for the Ogden Marathon. The ladies I run with were both out of town, but I wasn't worried. I downloaded some good podcasts, mapped an in

Now that my gym pass has expired, I am fully invested in running outdoors.