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For the past couple of years, Ive written a weekly music column and have had the privilege of interviewing some incredibly talented people from all over the world. This is my last Mormon Times column because m...
"When there's a will, there's always a way," says Justin Osmond. Osmond doesn't just say that; he means it. He is living proof we can do great things no matter what challenges we face.
SIX, a vocal group made up of six ridiculously talented brothers, is one of the hottest tickets in Branson, Mo.
Jonna Christensen is a Finnish pop singer with a mission. She is speaking — and singing — out about the importance of modesty.
However you choose to do it, there is power in taking time to sing songs about Christs birth with your family.
Music helped Mark Abernathy find more of his identity as a young boy in Hong Kong and as a new father in Los Angeles. With the moving arrangements of the hymns on his new album, he is giving that same gift to o...
Catherine Papworth is a true artist. The music she creates is straight from her heart and is true to who she is and what she believes.
Think Josh Groban times three, and you get the classical/pop trio After Daybreak.
I decided to break from my usual blog of highlighting an entire album or an individual artist because I want to share some of my all-time favorite Christmas songs with you.
Justin Cash sees a beautiful, beautiful world. Hes determined to focus on the positive things in his life and in his music.