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John Travolta had his breakout role in the 1970s sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter,” which leads TV shows on DVD this week.
“Ghostbusters” plays on the big screen for a week and “Gone With the Wind” is on the way as classic movies are revived in local movie theaters over the next month.
New movies released on DVD and Blu-ray this week are a disappointing lot, led by a stolid period romance and Adam Sandler’s latest.
“The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” one of this year’s biggest hits, is on home-video platforms this week, along with wartime movies, horror flicks and Nazi dragons.
Season sets of a wide variety of TV series are on Blu-ray and DVD this week, including “Newhart,” “The Good Wife,” both “NCIS” shows, “Parks and Recreation,” R...
August really is the dog days in movie terms, as Hollywood dumps its weakest films on unsuspecting audiences.
Fans have been clamoring for years to see the brief sci-fi TV series “Beyond Westworld” and the Western favorite “Bronco,” and now both are finally on DVD.
Blu-ray editions of “Viva Las Vegas” and “Elvis: That’s the Way it Is” should have Presley fans in video heaven. They lead a lengthy list of vintage titles released this week.
The latest Muppets outing and a Disneynature documentary on “Bears” lead newly released movies on DVD and Blu-ray this week.
After their film careers dried up, the Marx Brothers — Groucho, Chico and Harpo — turned to television, and a new DVD set collects many of their various individual and collective appearances.