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A famous phrase from the Book of Esther reminds us of two factors that must come together in the unfolding of history: The right person must show up at the right time.
An old adage claims that "power corrupts." As witnesses of the frailty in powerful people near and far, most of us would agree. We might even sense the danger of it in our own hearts.
For more than a millennium of time, the Law of Moses outlived Moses himself. Its shining pieces — 613 divine commands — were intended to fit together in one. Of course, that could happen only if the...
A gospel covenant looks to the future, something like a prophecy. In covenant-making, the person I am describes the person I will be, come what may.
Sometimes we have an experience and then say to our friends, "You should see what we saw!"
There are countless thoughts to think as we take our small bit of bread in sacrament meeting. Just one of these is that Jesus used his body as an instrument of obedience. Day by day, decision by decision, the s...
There is always someone foolish enough to think he or she should be the prophet, instead of the prophet. How would the Lord answer?
The Master misses no detail in the flow of history. He sees the causes in the tributaries and the effects in the rivers. His eye is upon every sorrow or loss in the salty oceans of outcome.
Sacred history is full of surprises. Turns in the plot can turn our thoughts. When lesser patterns don't work out, we may notice the greater, enduring ones.
Again and again, the covenant family called Israel would have become extinct had the living God not stepped in.