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"Skirt-a-Day Sewing" by Nicole Smith provides sewing enthusiasts with tools and techniques to improve garment-making skills, while also adding variety to their wardrobe.
Writer and conservation advocate Dylan Tomine's new book, "Closer to the Ground: An outdoor family's year on the water, in the woods and at the table," gives readers an inside look at sustainable parenting thro...
Harassing telephone pollsters, short lines and paper ballots confusion sum up one voter's experience on Election Day.
A new book by C.J. Gudmundson, "When I Take the Sacrament, I Remember Jesus," helps parents teach children how to focus on the Savior.
The call to give a talk in sacrament can bring up all sorts of fears and anxieties. Author Bill Mansell's book, "Yikes! I Have to Talk in Church: How to Prepare and Deliver a Great Sacrament Meeting Talk" offer...
"100 Favorite Verses From the Book of Mormon" by Shauna Humphries is a scriptural devotional that will feed your mind and spirit.
"The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking" by Kate Payne attempts to teach skills to the domestically challenged. It starts off promising but leaves much to be desired.
Everyone has stress. But if we are not careful, it can lead to poor health, insomnia and depression. Start the new year with a plan for better stress management.
Getting fit is among the most popular New Year's resolutions people make every year. Most, however, abandon their goal by spring. Here are a few tips to ensure that this is the year that the goal of getting f...
Shoppers may be able to find the perfect gift right in their own kitchen. Food gifts for Christmas are a wonderful way to make gift giving personal, useful and inexpensive.