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When Timothy Dolan arrived in New York nearly three years ago to take over the state's Catholic Archdiocese, his "brother bishops" had a bleak warning to deliver.
When I first got home from my LDS mission, I was, in a word, restless.
On MormonTimes.com: I finally did it. I bought a copy of Richard Bushman's highly acclaimed, slightly controversial, brilliantly written biography of Joseph Smith, "Rough Stone Rolling."
When I found myself a few weeks ago face to face with the incredible reality of true family bonds, I was taken aback.
Lesson learned this week: short of criticizing Glenn Beck, the best way to generate a response from Mormon readers is to ask for book recommendations.
I wrote a column in July 2009 titled, "A Summer Reading List for the Thoughtful Mormon" where I argued that intellectualism and Mormonism could peacefully and productively co-exist.
The campaign in question consists of commercials airing in nine middle-America markets. Each ad zeroes in on the life of an interesting Latter-day Saint. Seems pretty benign, right? Not if you ask page view-hun...
Over the past few weeks, I've tried to use this column to provide Mormon takes on hot-button issues like illegal immigration and the Ground Zero Mosque.
When I first began reading about the controversy surrounding a proposed Mosque being built near Ground Zero in New York City, I was completely mystified: We live in America! In 2010!
In my column last week, I condemned the hateful rhetoric and inexcusable behavior that has permeated the debate surrounding illegal immigration, particularly in Mormon communities.