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It isn't every day that a couple reaches that fabulous milestone of 50 years of marriage. My good friends, Morris and Elaine Bastian, have successfully done just that.
Couples generally do the best they can when it comes to having a date night, so I really hate to be too hard on them about it. But it may be time to step it up a notch. Consider these four rules for raising the...
The "Twilight" fervor seems to be heating up again with the release of the next movie in the "Twilight" saga. What isn't being talked about...
On MormonTimes.com: I applaud anyone who is willing to publicly promote a positive message about intimacy in marriage to counteract the constant barrage of negative messages.
Even though our lives are all so busy, we tend to find timefor the things that are important to us. The key is to set your priorities andschedule your time and energy accordingly.
Men and women have been culturally conditioned in ways that do not leadto a healthy and mutually fulfilling intimate relationship.
Editor's note: First of three articles
Marriage is worth our best efforts. God bless us all tosafeguard our marriages from sin, and create the joy and fulfillment that thissacred relationship affords. You can avoid being a casualty in Satan's sn...
Marriage is about meeting each other's needs as best you can. The workof affair proofing your marriage may not be easy, but it is certainlyworth it!
Extramarital relationships may be enticing but they are nothing morethan Satan's great counterfeit of the real thing in marriage.