Michael De Groote
I am a staff writer for the Deseret News. My current beat is financial responsibility. I also occasionally write on other topics such as faith. I graduated from Arizona State University and from J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU. My professional background also includes advertising, video production, marketing and public relations. I worked for the Salt Lake Chamber as Director of Communication and Marketing before joining the Deseret News in April 2008.

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As rent increases in cities, people are spending a greater proportion of their income on housing.
The top earners are now starting to feel the pinch of tax laws that raised their income taxes. Meanwhile some experts want them to pay even more.
Just because people are voted or appointed into public positions that control budgets of millions of dollars doesn't mean they suddenly become financially savvy.
As baby boomers are becoming more tech savvy, they are turning to the Internet to sell their treasures to make fast extra cash.
Hasbro is in the middle of a social media campaign to add "house rules" to its Monopoly game — rules that often mimic the real economy.
Employers are using SAT scores to judge applicants at the same time colleges are giving the SAT less weight.
The mortgage interest deduction doesn't help more people afford homes, a new study says. It makes homes bigger.
In the wake of the recession, credit card companies are fighting for the best customers by offering 0 percent introductory interest cards — some that are at 0 percent interest for as long as 18 months. Bu...
Resumes are collections of words — and putting the right ones and avoiding the wrong ones may make the difference between being hired and not even being read.
Official numbers put student loan delinquency at around 11.5 percent. A closer look says it is much worse.