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Celebrate the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous moments of motherhood with the Just4Mom blog. From stretch marks to the latest news for moms, Erin Stewart discusses it all while her 3-year-old daughter crams Mr. Potato Head pieces in her nose.

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This year, I'm living by my sister's Christmas motto: “If I can't do it cheerfully and with loving kindness, then I don't do it.”
Whether we tie up our gifts to him in a box beneath the tree or just keep them in our heart, our gifts of love to Jesus and to each other are the best ones.
During National Adoption Month, my thoughts turned to all the men and women who want nothing more than to be parents.
With stores pushing sales on Thanksgiving day, it's harder than ever to teach kids what true gratitude really means.
President Obama's recent comments on stay-at-home mothers send the message that stay-at-home mothers are not as valuable as working mothers.
I want to teach my children to be grateful for all of life's experiences, even if they aren't all full of fun.
I’ve been thinking about the kinds of creatures that could give moms a fright this Halloween. I’m not talking about witches and monsters; I’m talking about the truly, deeply terrifying monster...
Mommy friends are about the hottest commodity a stay-at-home mom can have, so it’s no wonder we’re always on the lookout for solid fellow mothers to add to our Rolodex of go-to playdates and girlfri...
As a mother, I find myself in charge of corralling the troops for our weekly night together and I have learned a lot along the way about what family home evening should and shouldn’t be.
Children with a "growth mindset" persist in tough situations because they value learning over appearing smart.