Tiffany Gee Lewis
Tiffany Gee Lewis is a freelance writer for Deseret News, where she writes the "In the Whirled column," as well as news stories. She also writes for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and is a contributor to the Friend Magazines online resources. She has done work for the Miami Herald, Austin American-Statesman, National Geographic Magazine online and the Liahona. Lewis received her undergraduate degree in journalism from Brigham Young University, where she received the Forace M. Green Award for outstanding senior in print journalism. In her sparest of spare times, she enjoys running, gardening and experimenting with the family cuisine. She lives with her husband and four sons in the Twin Cities.

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I am aware, every day, that I live in a bubble. We are only a short drive from Falcon Heights, Minnesota, where Philando Castile was shot last week. But we might as well live in a different country. Ours is a l...
Sure, you can buy happiness. The problem is, most of us try to buy it in the wrong places.
Every time I travel abroad, I prepare to make a fool out of myself. And that is entirely the point.
Fellow newbies in town sometimes ask how we seem to make friends so quickly. I don’t know how to respond. Trust me, it’s nothing we do. It’s simply built into the fabric of our faith.
The easy thing to do when we feel wronged is to snap back, shoot off the harsh email or kvetch in some online forum. It's a lesson my son learned the hard way.
In honor of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death last week, I decided to stage not a play but a house. My house.
Americans are good at many things, but we’re dismal at the aging process. Here's what we can do to make it better.
Destroying religion will not abolish violence in the name of God. Only understanding and a return to our ideals can change the current tide of global terrorism.
Hollywood is rolling out superhero movies in rapid succession, and kids and adults don't seem to be complaining.
Driverless cars are headed our way. In my opinion, they can't come soon enough.