Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert is a former "American Idol" contestant. She writes an entertainment column for the Deseret News.

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I have written this column with a very specific woman in mind. She is the woman who feels that even her best efforts haven’t been enough lately. She is tired. She is worn out.
I was so worried about making the perfect Sunday brunch that I mistakenly missed the “good part.”
To the man who yelled at me in the parking lot a while ago: I’m sorry. Perhaps you’ve been thinking a little unkindly of yourself lately, too?
We need to be encouraging and supporting other mothers, not slandering and slamming them for their mistakes.
I suddenly realized my boy was not that baby gnawing on a squishy toy to get that first tooth to come in, but a first-grader nervous about moving on and letting go. I should have let him hold on, just for a bit...
It’s a little sad, how we all leave a little piece of ourselves behind when we become adults and move on. But we also carry the childhood “us” forever, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, get...
All I know is that once I got past the wrinkled-nose “oh brother” prejudgments of “surrendering” and tried to read and process with an open mind, some miraculous things happened.
Now that I am a mother to four, I have used that advice almost every day to help get me through from sunup to sundown. We always tell our boys, “Herberts don’t quit!”
My mombod is an Ironman, the ultimate fighting champion. And so is yours.
I will always remember my time on “Idol” and hope anyone who has a dream has the courage — and the perseverance — to chase it down. It’s possible.