Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert is a former "American Idol" contestant. She writes an entertainment column for the Deseret News.

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I know what it’s like to be that mom. The one who is always worried about her kid — not because of what someone else could do, but because of what my kid could do. I know what it feels like to wonde...
No matter how many times my boys do stupid things, I always ask them the same question: Why?Their answer is always the same: “I don’t know.”
Anytime either one of us has had a particularly hard day, or when we come home from a date, or really just to say, “I love you,” it’s chocolate chip cookies.
Some would argue that there has always been hate in this world, and that there will always be hate. I guess that may be true, but maybe, there can be less hate. I think it’s possible.
"I look for the positive things," June Davidson said. "I do not even dwell on the negative — I know it’s there, but I don’t dwell on it.” Being positive and not worrying about the negati...
Finding a man like my own dad was paramount for me when I was dating, and even though my husband and my father are very different in many ways, they are similar in their love and loyalty to their family.
As wild and smelly as we are right now, I know these are some of the memories that will last us a lifetime — if we can all survive long enough to remember.
What I know is that children can be slippery. They can disappear in an instant even when you are consciously and diligently watching.
“The lemons are necessary ingredients, just as trials and hardships are necessary ingredients to make us grow stronger and appreciate the good in life.” Of course, it’s up to us to look for th...
As we stood in the graveyard saying our goodbyes “for now, until we meet again,” I had the feeling that if he were here, he would be telling us to continue to live, to continue to love, to hold on t...