Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert is a former "American Idol" contestant. She writes an entertainment column for the Deseret News.

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It’s been so sweet to see my boys going above and beyond trying to earn more stars so they can get a treat or special privilege. Our chore charts really have improved the overall feeling and efficiency in...
Even though the topic of the evening was insecurity, Brooke White planted seeds of confidence and ambition in my heart that just might bloom into another creative project somewhere down the road.
The elderly gentleman in front of me paid for his books, turned around, then slowly shuffled toward me, smiling. But before I could speak, he stretched out a frail arm and, with shaky hands, firmly pressed a bi...
I’ve thought about how my boys can learn songs so fast, and they are often singing them word for word. How much of a positive impact do the words in “Scripture Power" have on their day?
I guess you could argue that it just comes with the job and all the perks make up for the inconveniences, but being famous isn’t necessarily as joyous and incredible as it’s promoted to be.
Boys need to be physical, to be loud and adventurous, to take risks and explore the world around them. May we all celebrate and root for the exuberance of boys.
After fueling, you have to drive away with all the confidence in the world, but stay somewhere close, like across the street — just in case your car starts to act funny. Which it will, because you just pu...
My heart filled with wonder as I realized the teachings and truths of this gospel are not “over their heads.” My children were ready to listen and learn. The beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ tru...
Can I issue a challenge to women everywhere? The next time you see another mom at the park, in the library or at an open gym who maybe looks like she came there alone, will you reach out? Just say hi.
What makes live performances so exciting is that so much could go wrong. But when everything goes exactly right, magic happens, and the crowd is left on a musical high.