Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert is a former "American Idol" contestant. She writes an entertainment column for the Deseret News.

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All I know is that once I got past the wrinkled-nose “oh brother” prejudgments of “surrendering” and tried to read and process with an open mind, some miraculous things happened.
Now that I am a mother to four, I have used that advice almost every day to help get me through from sunup to sundown. We always tell our boys, “Herberts don’t quit!”
My mombod is an Ironman, the ultimate fighting champion. And so is yours.
I will always remember my time on “Idol” and hope anyone who has a dream has the courage — and the perseverance — to chase it down. It’s possible.
I have said goodbye to loved ones and felt the heartache of loss as I wait for the time when I can see them again. But I have felt that calm, peaceful reassurance that I will. I don’t think there’s ...
All those Sundays of best dress, stress and doing my best are oh so worth it.
“Children are the greatest joy and the greatest heartache you’ll ever have,” Garth Brooks told People Magazine. “I told my girls, ‘Don’t let the world decide who you are. You...
Celebrating holidays, especially this one, should not be a competition. I don’t know why I’ve made it out to be one. In fact, nothing about motherhood should be a competition
So to all you mothers out there, pregnant or not, large or small, gaining or losing weight, know this: You are pretty awesome. Using your life to bless, protect and help others is pretty awesome.
With different milestones and challenges in life, a marriage will sometimes be re-shaped, brought to the brink, fought for and then made stronger than ever. It’s an eternal work in progress that is worth ...