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Why do marriages break up? Arguments about the children, about money, about religion, about sex; all these things are true, and all are incomplete.
We're heading into the Christmas season, so all around us are images of that red-suited Figure of Giving (FOG), who shall remain nameless here in order not to wreck everything for those who still thinks he snea...
In my last column, I mentioned that there's a stanza in Emily H. Woodmansee's poem "As Sisters in Zion" that I wish we could add as a fourth verse in the next edition of our hymnbook:
I was visiting in the Westwood 2nd Ward in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, a Mormon village I have been visiting off and on for years whenever I visit my cousins.
The grief you can understand. When a spouse breaks the marriage, when a grownup child repudiates the gospel, it comes as a shock, as a loss, and where there was love, there will be mourning.

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Jack: I get it, Bishop. The story of that quarrel between your children — I don't suppose it was really about knocking down blocks or hitting your sister. Or about what a patient

Father: What did you do, Erinel?
Father: What did you do, Charlie?
Erinel: Mom, one of my friends says that "Twilight" is a really bad book, and that a Mormon writer should have known better.
I have opinions on everything, whether I have any information on the subject or not.