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People thought they were immune to the chaos surrounding them but found out differently.
New Year’s is a good time for a clean slate and a new beginning. However, unless resolutions are done in the right way, they tend to recycle themselves.
Here’s a challenge. Go out and buy a crazy pair of socks. Once you put them on, I bet you’ll feel like a whole new person, and begin the New Year with a great big smile on your face.
With this information, hopefully we can keep in the proper spirit of the season, which is remembering the life of the Savior who wants us to love one another. It will help us beware of our Christmas card Grinch...
Everyone’s getting into holiday mode as we recall warm feelings of finding the perfect gift for someone. The perfect gift. Is there any such thing?
Not many of us are spared the experience of waking up to something we hope is a nightmare and then realizing sleep has let us forget for a while. Things like this happen to other people — surely not us.
Ernest Hemingway wisely said, “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places." They are the winners in the game of life.
Getting involved in music, sports or any extracurricular activity brings friends and helps us connect to life.
We all have dreams. Some work out, and others we trade away for different ones. This is a story about several dreamers whose wishes came true through hard work. It’s also about the good luck they had in b...
Our lives are day-to-day journeys with stops and detours, rough roads and smooth roads. In spite of problems, if we recalculate our compass due north it can be a never-ending journey toward our hopes one milest...