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Sometimes kids have a few things they can teach us adults. One of them is they are vulnerable and we need to help them learn life's lessons, not by cheating but by playing fair.
We’re way beyond telephones hooked to the wall and run by operators, so the song “Hello Central, Give Me Heaven” got me thinking, wouldn’t it be the best if the Internet got so advanced ...
The head or the heart? Who cares? We can be the most ordinary people in the world, but when we become “the wonder of the world” to someone special, well, there’s just nothing like it, no matte...
The experience gave us a new perspective and an even deeper respect for the men and women crammed into tight planes and cramped ships who have served their country keeping it free for you and me.
My husband Grit asked me one day: “Why do you think we need to grow old? Why can’t we get to a certain age, keep our hair and vigor and then one day just pop off?
It’s evident adapting to change has characterized our family traditions through the years. With our ever-growing family and even trading off Christmas and Thanksgiving with in-laws, it’s hard to gat...
Life takes its twists and turns and then we must refocus. If a person can refocus, there will be other dreams to follow.
The time of year is nearing when men with beards are pretty popular. A beard and a red suit will get you lots of attention, but will it get a guy a girl? Santa may be great to fill a Christmas stocking, but per...
When I look back at myself as a young bride, I was of course attracted and attached to my new husband, but also saw myself as naÏve about what it took to keep a marriage going.
In spite of the controversy going on in professional football, high school football remains a ritual and a welcome event in towns and cities everywhere in this country. It’s a social event, too.