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Cattle and people are not all that different. We need someone who loves and cares about us, and they need us to care about them, dead or alive. When we’re connected, our road seems clearer and the stress ...
We are lucky that Nicole Harris was found, although the reality of her death felt anything but lucky.
Think of wonderful thoughts like princesses, pixie dust, boys who fly and what do you get? Disney.
That day a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover would have come in handy. Still, it ended up well, and life would be poor without memories.
The experience reminded me of how little we really need in life to make us happy, especially as we age. We collect fame, fortune and possessions, but it’s caring and thoughtfulness that count, like a sign...
People thought they were immune to the chaos surrounding them but found out differently.
New Year’s is a good time for a clean slate and a new beginning. However, unless resolutions are done in the right way, they tend to recycle themselves.
Here’s a challenge. Go out and buy a crazy pair of socks. Once you put them on, I bet you’ll feel like a whole new person, and begin the New Year with a great big smile on your face.
With this information, hopefully we can keep in the proper spirit of the season, which is remembering the life of the Savior who wants us to love one another. It will help us beware of our Christmas card Grinch...
Everyone’s getting into holiday mode as we recall warm feelings of finding the perfect gift for someone. The perfect gift. Is there any such thing?