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Fundraising is about more than raising money. It’s about being together and enjoying the time together.
Two major problems of public education in Utah are the governance structure and oppressive cultural environment created by the Legislature.
For 19 years, business groups have created committees and studies on Utah's struggling education — promising more accountability and more funding. The two most recent efforts seem to be more of the s...
Next Tuesday, let us all be willing to embrace new ideas in keeping with our community values. It’s the price of growth.
It appears the governor and legislators have different standards when it comes to programs for the poor and show what groups and policies they favor.
The board has appointed a new superintendent who should carry out its intent of bringing clear direction and expectations to public education. Now, the Legislature and governor should assist the board in fulfil...
What are we to believe when Gov. Gary Herbert says he supports children and education but then turns down the opportunity to apply for a federal grant of up to $15 million for preschool programs for Utah’...
The recent forum on school absenteeism reminded me of what the keynote speaker said at a child welfare conference I attended in California many years ago: “Our children are the best diagnosed, but no one ...
How about parents and teachers running their own schools? Schools where local people have actual control that prepare students to thrive in a new world.
It looks like legislators have turned public education into a house of cards ready to collapse from too many needless laws piled on a shaky foundation.