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Wendy Leonard works as a reporter for the Deseret News, and while her daily duties are dictated by breaking news, she currently focuses on writing about issues involving health care, medicine and transportation. She began her journalism career at Weber State University and has been working at the Deseret News since 2004. Leonard loves meeting new people and telling their stories through her writing, as well as educating the public on issues that affect the community. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and photography and is nationally and locally licensed as a pharmacy technician. She served an LDS mission to Hong Kong, where she learned to speak Cantonese, and has visited 46 of the 50 states, as well as a handful of places outside of the U.S.

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Utah businesses are embracing a corporate challenge issued earlier this year: to hire, promote, recognize and pay more women.
Police on Thursday arrested a man believed to have stabbed another man earlier this week.
For some, the opportunity to get a good deal was enough to leave the Thanksgiving table and begin the shopping season.
Two Utah County residents will have something to smile about after getting makeovers from two local oral and maxillofacial surgeons.
The local health department is encouraging proper food safety for those who partake of Thanksgiving leftovers.
A couple hundred people gathered at the state capitol building on Saturday, to display various welcoming faiths and mental health or support groups, but also to "rally for love, equality, family and acceptance....
Utah lawmakers support further discussion on the matter of medical marijuana, and Utahns who might benefit are pushing for a quick decision.
The Bhutanese refugee community in Utah is tightly knit. They look after each other, according to some of its members. But their numbers seem to be dwindling due to a lack of options in the health care industry...
Intermountain Healthcare has opened a new clinic at LDS Hospital, specifically to treat patients with certain blood cancers.
A partnership between Intermountain Healthcare and San Francisco-based Velano Vascular is investigating new technology that could limit unnecessary needle pokes for hospital patients.