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Trent Toone is a journalist for the Deseret News, where he writes for a variety of feature sections. Toone was raised in Northern Utah and graduated from the University of Utah in 2003. He has worked for several newspapers and received many awards over his journalism career.

Toone is the author of "No Excuses, No Regrets," the sports biography of NFL football player Eric Weddle. He served an LDS mission to Santiago, Chile, and spent a year teaching seminary. Like his father before him, he is a proud Eagle Scout.

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NFL and college football coaches talk about how they balance serving in the LDS Church with the demands of coaching football.
Southern Utah football coach Ed Lamb is not a Mormon, yet he attends and serves in his Cedar City LDS ward each week. The coach has been investigating the LDS Church since he played at Ricks College in 1992.
Justin Anderson coaches the wide receivers and tight ends while also carrying the title of assistant head coach at Nicholls State. Anderson also serves as the LDS bishop of his Louisiana ward.
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