Letter: Electrify Africa

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 4 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

As a senior in high school who is to start college in a few months, I have started counting the blessings I have had to get to this point. I have been blessed with a quality public education, treatments for every time I have gotten sick, vaccinations, clean water, and electricity all my life. And as I look around I see that these are conveniences that many people have here in Utah, but many around the world aren’t as lucky as us. However, there is hope.

The Electrify Africa Act (H.R. 2548, Royce) is currently in Congress and the impacts if it passes would be tremendous. Mothers would not need to give birth to children in the dark, students would have light to do their homework in, and families would be able to refrigerate their food. Energy accessibility is a very necessary step on a road to a sustainable Africa.

The bill would provide electricity to 50 million people who have never had access to electricity before. These are 50 million people with unique goals, and electricity will light their path for prosperity in many African nations. As a student who plans on studying business, I value the importance of developing African economies to help our own.

As a citizen who cares about national security, I value the stability of African regions because it helps us to protect ourselves here. And as a human being, I value the lives and stories of the 50 million people who will have access to electricity.

Akbar Khan


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