The war on journalism?

Published: Wednesday, May 22 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

The continuing examples of the Obama administration’s targeting of journalists is advancing a new front in the war on journalism, according to Jonathan S. Tobin on Commentary.

The recent seizure of Associated Press phone records, the government’s treatment of Fox News reporter James Rosen, and “the news that one of the reporters who had been aggressively covering the Benghazi scandal had her computer tampered with should alarm more than just her fellow scribes. So, too, should the increasingly shrill attacks from the president’s cheering section on other journalists who have been following the stories about government misconduct,” according to Tobin.

But in addition to the First Amendment concerns surrounding these scenarios, Tobin explains that the overreach of the executive branch could also be pushing a political agenda: “The out-of-control nature of the president’s belief in big government isn’t just about taking over health care, it’s also about expanding the reach of the federal leviathan into every aspect of public life in ways that chill the practice of journalism and undermine our freedoms.”

Tobin sees the overreach of the Obama administration in journalism as a way that it is expanding its reach into public life.

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