Is your marriage prepared for unintentional exposure to pornography?

Published: Tuesday, July 23 2013 9:00 p.m. MDT

With the increasing availability of pornography, many couples have put barriers in place to help keep them safe for the damage that can be caused by exposure to pornography. But along with those barriers, they need a plan.

While many couples fall victim to pornography, and work to rebuild trust in their marriage, preventative measures can be put in place. Internet filters for computers, phones and tablets are available. Limiting time on devices that connect to the Internet can also help. And remembering commitments made your spouse and God can help save a marriage.

But what happens when pornography is accepted and even encouraged in certain, unexpected places? For a Utah couple struggling with infertility it was simple. "We had already together agreed on our standards, including the game plan of what to do when (not if) we encounter pornography. We knew not to seek it out, but we also were prepared what to do when it found us," Emily Christensen said in her article on KSL.

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